Dear USAOne of the exercises I completed for the 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge was to write a letter to your country of origin. My country. I was immediately convicted. I did not mince words because I was fresh off the wounds from Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Aubrey. It was cathartic…for a moment.

Then of course last week happened. There was much more to say to my country but I just couldn’t find the words. The incident with Amy Cooper and Christopher Cooper made me sick to my stomach and then George Floyd’s murder sent me over.

Just a little while ago, the president of the United States, let’s call it what it is, threatened martial law against my city. My city. This is just all too much. I feel like I’m in a bad dream, which I guess would make it a nightmare. I’m so sick and tired.

I wish I could send my letter, but to whom would I send it? Who would listen? Who would do something who had the power to change anything?

I’ve concluded that my letter is my vote. My letter is this message encouraging you to vote. Listen, do your research, make an informed decision because our livelihoods depend on it. We can’t just throw up our hands and say I don’t like any of the options so I’m not going to vote. That is unacceptable. That is partially how we got here. If you are anything other than a white man, our ancestors fought hard so that you could have a vote and we could all have a voice. Therefore, we are disrespecting their legacy if we choose not to exercise it.

More than a decade ago, I got a t-shirt with the message “Vote or Die” on it. Those words could not be more powerful or relevant than they are today. Yep, it’s that real. It is a life or death matter. If we don’t vote something or someone dies – most importantly, our voice. Vote.

Vote or Die

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