God Doesn’t Make Mistakes Book

Sometimes, when life doesn’t go according to plan, we can start feeling like God must have made a mistake, or even worse, like our mistakes have ruined God’s plan for us. We may faithfully pray to God to show us the right path, but often we stumble along the way or ignore God’s prompting in favor of following our own desires. Fortunately, though, there are no mistakes we can make that can change God’s perfect plan for us.
In the first book from Golden Life Ministries, God Doesn’t Make Mistakes: Learning How Our Missteps Fit Into His Perfect Plan, Leslie Green shares a first-hand account of her spiritual journey in a time of turmoil. This book features a few key journal entries from one of the most challenging, yet transformational seasons of her life. The revelations she gained from those events are interwoven with biblical principles into a thoughtful and fascinating testimony to God’s goodness. We hope this book will inspire you but more importantly, that it radically changes your relationship with God forever!

About the Author

An entrepreneur of nearly 20 years, Leslie Green is a communications professional and the founder and CEO of Golden Life Ventures, LLC, a lifestyle company. She most recently launched Golden Life Ministries, where she speaks and writes about the Christian faith. Her first love is music and entertainment, and she co-founded Greenhouse Entertainment, a family-run music production company. Leslie is committed to living life boldly and to the fullest—what she calls the golden life—and desires to help others experience a golden and abundant life. She is an active member of her church, Zion Church, where she leads & serves on several ministries, and volunteers at Calvary Women’s Services, a transitional home for homeless women. Her hobbies include cooking, dancing, and listening to live music. Leslie lives in her hometown of Washington, D.C.
To learn more about her story, visit http://goldenlifeventures.com/about.

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