It really is a beautiful thing to watch the miraculous process of new life growing inside of an expectant mother. In addition to the growing fetus, the mother sees herself gradually transform over several months as she prepares to give birth and while it is a bit of a scary time for her, especially if she is a first time mom, it’s also a very exciting time as well. I love to see the “village” of a growing family come together and celebrate the pending birth of a child. It is a joyous occasion no doubt and it should be celebrated.
There are some people, like myself, who haven’t had the pleasure yet of bearing a child into this world, but they are indeed expecting. Several months ago God sowed some ideas within me that are now starting to take form, as I’ve been quietly nurturing and cultivating them behind the scenes. Bringing these ideas to completion has been a very exciting, but also very scary process for me. While I have a desire and a picture in my mind of what the end results will be, I won’t really know what they will look like until I deliver the final product. Also it’s been difficult because it’s required growth on my part, and growth sometimes can be painful. Perhaps not any blood has been shed, but there’s definitely been some sweat and tears in this process and I’m very grateful to have trusted advisers, coaches and friends supporting me along the way.
If the point hasn’t been made clear, let me set the record straight that I am not pregnant in the traditional sense. Before any rumors start, no I will NOT be having a baby any time soon lol! But I am expecting, and I pray that what I’m giving birth to will be just as exciting and create just as much cause for celebration as if I were having a baby. What I’m producing is important to me and my hope is that it will be of importance and significance to the lives it touches for generations to come as well.
I’m not taking anything away from expectant mothers because as I’ve shared before, it is a miraculous process that should be celebrated. I also think it should be celebrated with just as much enthusiasm when someone takes a teeny tiny idea and turns it into a tangible, living, breathing project that can benefit the lives of others. Sometimes our society tends to be one track minded when it comes to what we celebrate and support. Absolutely, show up when a loved one invites you to a baby shower or a wedding because those milestones are significant. It’s also important to show up for those grand openings and book launch parties as well. It means the world to that person who has worked really hard to bring something to fruition. Not everyone will get married or have a baby but everyone has the capability to produce something great and we should all show up for them too.
Some time in the near future, you’ll start to see signs of the projects I’m giving birth to and prayerfully within the first quarter of 2017 I will deliver. My hope is when that day comes I’ll have a whole village of people rooting for me and cheering me on as I bring new life into the world.

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  1. Terri Boysaw November 8, 2016 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    Touche’ Leslie, well written!

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