“I just want to fast forward to the part of my life where everything is OK.”  -Issa Dee

It’s a line from the final season of the critically acclaimed HBO show “Insecure” that I’m sure resonated with someone other than me. I felt that sentiment deep in my spirit. Most, if not all of us, have felt this way at some point or another over these past two years.

In late 2021, as I was considering my theme for this year as I do every year, I realized nothing was coming to me. Instead of forcing it, I relaxed and resolved that it would come to me in due time. And when it did, it was evident, but it was gradual.

On New Year’s Day, feeling like 2021 had given me one last sucker punch, I posted an image of myself from a photoshoot for my new product line. The photo captured a moment of complete joy for me, albeit transparently, it was incongruent with the feelings I was experiencing at the moment. There was a bit of uncertainty mixed with doubt, frustration, fear, exhaustion, yet a bit of hope. I willed myself to encourage, not just the people who would see my post, but myself.

I decided my post would express my reflections on this scripture I had been studying – Isaiah 43:18-19. Paraphrasing, it says, “Do not hold onto the past or dwell on things that happened a long time ago. I’m doing a new thing; in fact, can’t you see it right now?! I am bringing streams of water to quench your thirst and I’m making a clear pathway in the wilderness you’ve been experiencing.” 

I closed the post by challenging myself and others to cherish the “right now” gifts we are receiving in the new year. Fast forward to about a week later as I was sitting on the beach in Anguilla (more on that later) accepting and fully immersing myself in my own challenge. It came to me. My theme doesn’t have to be clever or deep. It only has to be inspiring to me, and it was. My theme for this year is simply, yet powerfully, to revel in all the “right now” moments. Even if the temptation to fast forward past them is present.

Right now, while it may not be filled with all the things we’ve hoped for, it is still precious. Some of these moments may be hard and difficult, others may be filled with unmistakable bliss. But don’t let those clearly defined moments keep you from appreciating the moments that you didn’t realize you had until they’re gone. Those quiet, reflective moments. The seemingly mundane moments with loved ones. The moments when you’re consumed with your phone when you could be witnessing what might have become a beautiful memory. 

Let’s not miss the “right now” moments that are in front of us while we’re waiting on something. At the end of 2020, I wrote a blog post about some of the benefits of waiting. I’m finding that the more waiting seasons I have, the more benefits I see in them. I discovered a new one today in one of my devotionals.  

“Waiting forces us to worship God for who He is, regardless of the outcome and regardless of whether or not He answers our prayers the way we think He should.” -Lincoln Brewster

Worship always brings me back to a centered place. When I take time to worship God, the peace and comfort I receive are indescribable. If you can relate, or even if you can’t, try this right now. Calm your mind and spirit. Close your eyes. Worship God for a moment. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for RIGHT NOW and thank Him. How does it make you feel?

Next time you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, distracted, consumed with thoughts like Issa Dee wanting to fast forward to the good parts…pause. Observe. Reflect. Worship. Find the goodness in the right now…

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