Anybody who knows me knows that Mexico is one of my favorite destinations. Somehow I end up there at least once a year and haven’t seemed to tire of it yet! I’ve traveled extensively throughout this beautiful country but I find Los Cabos, otherwise known as just simply “Cabo”, to hold a special place in my heart. Not only is the landscape distinct from more popular regions like the Riviera Maya region on the northeastern Yucatán Peninsula, but the more laid-back feel and charm of this destination make it worth visiting.

As it is on the southwestern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, the climate and “desert meets sea” scenery resembles the southern west coast of the United States. In addition, what makes Cabo really visit-worthy are the experiences I outline below. You definitely want to check out these must-have experiences that surely will land Cabo on your radar:

  1. Watch the sunset. It is true that the further you travel down south, the more glorious the sunsets are because clearly, you are closer to the sun. Well Cabo does not disappoint in this area. In fact, the distinct landscape of this beautiful location adds to its beauty. And the way the rays reflect off of the mountains and cloud formations, is uniquely beautiful each day. On our day of arrival, my friends and I had an opportunity to experience it just in time!

Cabo sunset

2. Watch the sunrise. Most destinations I’ve visited are either known for their glorious sunrises or sunsets but Cabo shines well in both categories. Pun intended. In February when I most recently visited, the sunrise was a little later than some of the sunrises I’ve seen around the world, at roundabout 7 am, so your wake-up time isn’t too crazy. If that sounds way too early for you, I promise it is worth it! The way the sky changed colors leading up to the sunrise, contrasted against the sea and the mountains…it was nothing short of magnificent.


3. Visit The Arch. The Arch, or “El Arco”, is a natural stone arch over the ocean in Cabo San Lucas (one of the two towns in Los Cabos) where the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California meet. I don’t know if words can even express how glorious this was and the pictures and videos don’t do it justice either. You just have to experience this for yourself! Additional Tip: I recommend renting a private boat for a few hours so you can soak in the whole experience and enjoy some snorkeling as well.

The Arch
I was so proud of my panoramic shot of the Arch from our boat. ?


4. Go to The Office. No not your office, THE Office. The first time I visited Cabo, our concierge recommended this delightful local gem on Medano Beach (which is also where you can catch the best views of the sunrise). Not only is the food excellent and the margaritas on point, there’s tons of entertainment and people watching to do there as well. Just a word of caution, if you sit on the front row of tables facing the beach, be prepared to harassed by the beach vendors. Yes, they will try to sell you on holding and petting their iguanas while you have a fork up to your mouth.


5. Get a massage on the beach. If you are a beach bum and a massage lover like I am, well this one is self-explanatory. For those who need some selling, I can’t tell you how amazing it is to hear the real sounds of the ocean in the background (versus recorded sounds) while the ocean breeze grazes your skin as your muscles relax from the rub down. And the best part, it won’t break your pockets. I got a 90-minute massage for $50 and there are some places where it is cheaper!


6. Dance the night away at Mandala Club. I get it, partying may not be your thing but the laid-back mood of Cabo, combined with the charm and feel of this destination, makes it worth having on at least one night of your trip. They have a wide selection of music that will satisfy just about anybody’s music preferences and they go well into the wee hours to satisfy you party animals out there.


7. Eat street tacos. You know the foodie in me couldn’t resist saying something about the food, right? Yep, Cabo has some of the best tacos in the world, as you can imagine. When in Mexico, right? And you can find an excellent taco at just about anywhere, and particularly the street vendors.

Street tacos

A final word of advice. Don’t let the reports of Cabo and Mexico, in general, being dangerous and crime-ridden scare you off from visiting. The violence and crime that does take place in Cabo primarily involves locals, not tourists, and it takes place nearly 100% in the rural, hillside communities. As I’ve recommended before with anywhere you go, take part in recreational activities responsibly and be careful of your surroundings, especially when traveling off resort grounds. I still cherish Mexico as one of my favorite travel destinations and I will continue to recommend it to travelers looking for an amazing vacation experience.



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