Let’s address the obvious. These are some interesting, unprecedented times in which we find ourselves. It’s difficult to have a conversation for more than five minutes without acknowledging an impact that COVID-19 has made on our world. Our world. When was the last time that something has had a catastrophic impact on the entire globe?

Me being the person who I am, I had to address it.  Golden Life Musings provides my insight on everything from travel, food and entertainment to the world’s latest news and happenings. And being the person who I am, I’m going to address the positive side of this strange, alternate universe in which we now find ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tone deaf or blind to the havoc this virus has caused. It’s challenged me in some ways that has left me, quite frankly, speechless. But there’s enough talk of devastation and gloom and doom out there. Here, you’re going to get a golden perspective. I’d like to share some amazing benefits I’ve witnessed that honestly, I don’t know would’ve happened without the coronavirus.


There are not too many industries that have not been impacted in some way by this novel virus. But you know what’s happened in the wake of that? People have found a way to survive through innovation. One of the best examples I can think of is the DJ D-Nice Homeschool party on Instagram. This virtual event has generated hundreds of thousands of viewers and all types of media attention in less than a week. Here’s a DJ who saw event after event canceled, along with his paychecks. In an effort to raise people’s spirits, including his own, he gained a new following. And new paychecks, I might add. (Tipping the DJ is actually a thing now, as his Cashapp name is constantly shared throughout his broadcasts.) DJ D-Nice didn’t even know this would lead to a new income stream for him. But he innovated, and the people followed. Hence, #ClubQuarantine will go down in history as the largest, longest, livest (is that a word) party EVER. And it started with a “what if?”



In the midst of this global crisis, people have found new ways to love and show compassion for one another. People are checking in on others who they haven’t talked to in weeks, months and years. We are connecting through technology and finding new ways to build community virtually. We are actually sitting down for meals with family, playing games and learning how to spend real quality time with one another. Even if after a while we need to retreat to our separate corners so we don’t kill each other, the love is still there. (Insert chuckle here.) On a serious note, the outpouring of love to communities that have been especially hit hard by this crisis has been inspiring.



Many people who would be spending hours in a commute or jumping from commitment to commitment with the million and one things on their calendar have gotten some time back. Many people have used this reclaimed time to finish uncompleted projects in their home, read books, start that business plan they’ve been procrastinating on and a million other productive things that they’ve been meaning to do. And to my point above about innovation, this newfound time has given some of us time to just sit and be creative. Personally, I can’t wait to see all of the dope new things that will be created during these times.



More important than anything else, I think a lot of us have just become very grateful in this season. What often happens when things are taken away from us, we appreciate the things we have so much more. And when this is all over (yes, this too shall pass), we will have much more appreciation for the lives we had pre-COVID-19. Simply being able to give someone a warm hug, enjoying a night out with a friend, holding hands with a loved one will feel like the best thing in the world. And hopefully, we’ll never take those things or people for granted again.

I’ll leave you with this advice. If you find yourself worried, perplexed, fearful or experiencing any of the negative emotions that often come out of situations like this, find the good. And if you can’t find it, be the one to create it, and dwell on that. There you will discover the gold.

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