We all have our own sentiments about this year. The year that shall not be named. The year that was all that it could be and then some. It has left many of us with a host of emotions – tired, lonely, depressed, angry, sad – but most of all, wishful for a new year to come upon us…like yesterday. 

Now here we are at Christmas. Perhaps not the exact day of Jesus’ birth, but it is indeed the reason for the season. To commemorate the life of one person who lived here on Earth without sin and performed the ultimate sacrifice. He died so that others (you and me) might live. A person who embodied love, peace, hope, joy and light. 

As a society and culture, we have behaved in years past as if we had forgotten this truth. Some may not believe, but it doesn’t make it any less real. Jesus truly is the reason for the season and maybe This Christmas, now more than ever, we have an opportunity to demonstrate that. How, you say? Well I’m glad you asked. 

I saw this simple, yet powerful graphic of a Holiday to-do List awhile back and I’ve posted it every year since on my social media platforms. I pray that it inspires you to do at least one of these actions on the list to commemorate the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After all, we’re celebrating his birthday, not ours, anyway! 

This Christmas doesn’t have to reflect or look at all like the type of year we’ve had. In fact, if we really want to make God smile, let’s do our part to help someone else experience Christmas the way it was intended. Demonstrating love to others like God demonstrated His perfect love for us by giving us the gift of Jesus Christ. May the rest of your 2020 be merry and bright by spreading God’s love, joy and light. 

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season!


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