As we approach another holiday season, I’ve been reflecting a lot on what this season really means. We know it as the “season of giving,” but what does that really mean to us? What it has come to mean for many is breaking out our wallets and credit cards and buying a bunch of stuff for our loved ones. We might even explore ways to donate items to people in need or volunteer in our community in some way. None of these acts are wrong or bad.

I pondered, however, how we could actually make more of an impact during this time of giving, and ultimately beyond this season. Specifically asking the question, if we could see from God’s eyes and perspective, how would He want us to give?

A lightbulb went off for me. I revisited a scripture that I’ve been studying over the last few years.  

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10

God has given each of us gifts for such a time as this. Not just for this season of giving, but the time that we spend here on earth. The design of each of us, his masterpiece, is deliberate and exact. We have purpose and our spiritual gifts are connected to it and each other. 

In this scripture Peter states that we are to use these God-given gifts well and to serve one another with them. If we have been given gifts from the ultimate gift giver, shouldn’t we at a minimum explore and know what these gifts are? And once we find out what these gifts are, doesn’t it make sense that we use them to the best of our ability? I believe that if we are using our gifts well to serve one another, those are the best gifts we could ever give!

“I believe some of us are literally sitting on a gold mine of untapped spiritual gifts that are just waiting to be unleashed. And once they are, I believe that is where the abundant life begins.” -Leslie Green, God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

When I discovered and understood the power of my primary spiritual gifts – faith, administration, mercy, exhortation (encouragement) and giving – a whole new world of impact opened up for me. Very much like a baby, I’m still learning how to use and walk in them. But the more I explore, the greater impact I have on those around me. You may discover that you’re already operating in one of your primary gifts. For example, if your spiritual gift is giving, volunteering in your community during this holiday season is right where you belong. 

Imagine the type of impact we could make if we were aware of our spiritual gifts. What if we explored the best ways to use them to serve each other? What if our seasons of giving weren’t seasons at all? What if we lived in a world where our giving from God’s generous variety of spiritual gifts was a lifestyle? What if…

If imagining that type of world made you smile, pay it forward and share this post far and wide. We may just be able to change this season of giving forever. And if you haven’t yet discovered what your spiritual gifts are, visit and take the assessment. You might be well on your way to blessing someone’s socks off with your newfound gifts! 

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