Last month I started watching a show that left me questioning my whole life. That’s a pretty dramatic statement, but it’s also a bit accurate. I didn’t start watching it with any expectations or even with any context from a preview. I simply watched it because I heard the name of the show come up in three unrelated conversations so I took it as a sign I needed to give it a go. And boy am I glad I did. By the way, it’s safe to read this semi-review; no spoiler alerts are needed here. I am not giving anything away purposefully because if you haven’t watched it yet, you definitely should!

The show is called The Big Door Prize, and you can find it streaming on Apple TV. It falls into the comedy category; but don’t be fooled, it also forces you to think a lot. What I love about this show, as bizarre as it is at times, is that it is so real. It touches on some of life’s biggest questions that we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another. Why am I here? What was I put here to do? What could I do if there were no limits? Which mostly are self-imposed…

The show also manages to point out how dangerously trusting we are of technology; yet, how that same technology has helped us in many profound ways. Additionally, it tackles how self-centered we tend to be as humans, while also emphasizing how compassionate we are when given the opportunity to operate as our best selves. (Heads up, you and I are the only ones stopping ourselves from operating as our best selves.) Lastly, it questions why we can’t be content with what is in the moment. Yet, it affirms how it’s also ok to want more for ourselves than what we once wanted. It also still managed to make me laugh out loud at least once every episode. Brilliant!

Lastly, what I found most intriguing about The Big Door Prize was that it was mostly unpredictable. And the times that it was predictable were definitely on purpose. That makes for some entertaining TV. The ending of the season left more questions than answers, which surprisingly left me hungry for more. It’s no surprise, however, that Apple quickly picked it up for a second season before the first season was complete.

Whether you are a TV watcher or not, I definitely recommend giving The Big Door Prize a shot. Even if you aren’t amused, at a minimum you will be encouraged to ask yourself some questions that might just generate some aha moments for your life. That’s certainly a prize worth winning.

What would you do if you knew EXACTLY what you COULD do? Which door would you CHOOSE?
What would you do if you knew EXACTLY what you COULD do? Which door would you CHOOSE?

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