I wear many hats as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. As a communications consultant, I do a lot of writing, thus I am creating constantly. One of my biggest projects to date is serving as a consultant on the largest infrastructure project in my city’s history. I am part of a huge team working on the New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project in Washington, D.C. We are building a bridge. Now I may not be digging piles or pouring concrete but I am, in fact, helping to build a bridge by communicating about it’s actual existence. Creating something out of nothing.

While you may not be aware, you are a creator too. In fact, I would venture to say that you create on a daily basis. You were created in God’s image, and part of your job here is to create, just as He did. 

You may be thinking to yourself, well I wouldn’t consider myself a creative type. And that may be true. But you don’t have to be creative to be a creator. Sometimes we do such a good job at boxing ourselves in that we convince ourselves that we can’t think outside the box. That we can’t grow and evolve. That couldn’t be further from the truth, especially not in these times.  

There are a lot of people out here right now who are struggling in different ways. Many are hurting financially because they’ve lost their jobs. Some are having a hard time mentally because things seem so uncertain and their lives have been completely turned upside down. Others are distraught emotionally because perhaps they’ve lost someone or something in this season. 

I have good news to share to combat all of that. We were all created for such a time as this. Why? Because we’re here. That must mean we still have purpose. You have God-given talents, skill sets and gifts inside of you for a reason. Now is the time to explore them even further. 

Getting back to my original point about us all being creators – I believe this time is meant to bring that creator spirit out of us. Whether it’s new ideas, inventions, books, songs, ideas, relationships, businesses, inventions, opportunities, solutions, you name it – now is the time to get to work on all of it. I’ve seen so many people become innovative in order to help others and themselves in this season, and it has been beyond inspiring. 

Remember at the beginning of all of this I stated in a blog post that innovation would be one of the biggest blessings that would be birthed in this season? I want you to know that I wasn’t just talking about this for those people out there. I was talking about you too.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to discover what you can create during this time. Years from now you’ll look back and say, “wow, I was created for such a time, and I created this!”

For some tips on how to get started with creating, check out a blog post I published a couple years ago entitled, “What Do You Think?

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