Golden objects often shine brighter than the rest, reflecting a light that only the precious metal can emit. We believe in designing our lives to also reflect a unique light that stands out. At Golden Life Ventures, our number one priority is to help you do just that by elevating your travel experience and helping you design an abundant freedom lifestyle so you can finally experience “Life, better lived.”  Here’s how we deliver on that promise to you:

  • Epic Travel Experiences:

    Whether your travel vision includes a significant other, your closest circle of friends, or your family, we help you take the overwhelm out of organizing your getaways and bring your bucket list travel desires to life. Explore>

  • Lucrative Lifestyle Design:

    We help you build and fund the freedom lifestyle you’ve always wanted by teaching you how to leverage the lucrative vehicle of travel to create an additional revenue stream for your Golden Life!  Explore>

  • Abundant Life Guidance:

    We aim to provide spiritual guidance for men and women of God to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and create a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him through inspirational books, unique events and intimate speaking engagements that inspire heart work and spirit care. Explore >

Meet Leslie, Our Founder

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur, not quite fitting neatly into any one box – but then again, I wasn’t meant to either. I love and am deeply passionate about a lot of things – travel, music, God, entrepreneurship – just to name a few. I founded my company upon the desire to design and live an abundant, golden life and help others do the same.


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Golden Life Ventures

Inspiring abundant living through every phase of life’s journey.